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Update | Latest Patch

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Counter-Strike has been updated to include a new map, as well as a host of other changes and improvements.

The new map, Inferno, is a remake of the classic Counter-Strike map of the same name. Inferno has been a fan-favorite map since its debut in Counter-Strike 1.6, and is sure to be a hit in Global Offensive as well.

In addition to the new map, a number of other changes have been made in this update. A new grenade, the Molotov Cocktail, has been added. This grenade can be used to set fire to areas, making them difficult for enemies to move through.

Other changes include a number of bug fixes and improvements to the game's UI. A full list of changes can be found below.

New Map: Inferno

New Grenade: Molotov Cocktail

Bug Fixes and UI Improvements